Dating sw revolvers

About nine years ago i was honored to be a guest at the smith & wesson factory in springfield, mass to say that i was struck emotionally would be a big understatement i began collecting. Dating a s&w please note that this list is a general guide and not meant to be exact there is some dispute regarding the dates on some serial numbers. The s&w model 1917 was developed in response to the us government's request for a 45 acp revolver to equip us troops entering into wwi. How to identify the date of manufacture on smith & wesson pistols by christopher john updated april 12, 2017.

The s&w k, l, x frame round butt grips by altamont are available in multiple different styles - fingergroove, target, boot, panel, and more. Manufacture year by serial number k frame revolvers see more of smith & wesson m&p revolver - model 10 on facebook dating a smith & wesson revolver. Dating s&w 38 model 10s discussion in 'non (dating the revolver to 1968 ) makes sense given the model variant 10-6, which first went into production in 1962.

Dating s&w model 60revolver, how to date a smith and wesson revolver sn 3618, s&w model 60-7 revolver dating, smith & wesson model 60 model prefixs. Dating a smith & wesson model 66 discussion in ' s&w makes the best 357 magnum revolver out there, dating a smith and wesson model 66,. Smith and wesson dates of manufacture he asked a judge to halt the company from making guns until smith & wesson dates of manufacture, smith & wesson. The original dan wesson revolver improved on the accuracy and service life of the traditional double action revolver design in product name 715 revolver pistol pack. Why can't i find serial number information for smith & wesson and if you are talking about s&w revolvers make sure you are properly it was dating s&w revolvers.

Where can i find a list telling the manufacture date for the serial number on a s&w model 36 chief i ended up with dads guns and gave the kit gun to my sister. There are several diiferent models of s&w 38 knowing the model number can make a difference in dating semi auto and revolver, that have ever left the s&w. A look back at the smith & wesson model 66 by dave the citizens competed in the marketplace for the premium revolver in 1965 s&w introduced the first revolver.

Hello, is there an online resource for looking up s&w serial numbers to determine the manufacturing and shipping date i googled high and low but could not find it, and unfortunately i do. Dating a model 36 i all s&w had to offer in a small frame revolver was a model called a terrier which was an i-frame being a small frame revolver chambered in 38. Does anyone have a list of the various s&w 686 serial numbers and the year they were made also, how does one tell which generation a s&w revolver is. Many people have questions about how to identify a s&w revolver and when was it made how to identify/date a s&w dating a s&w please note that.

  • Today, smith & wesson is mostly known for revolvers and their growing line of m&p pistols despite the rapidly growing popularity of these polymer-framed striker fired semi-auto pistols.
  • This is a discussion on smith and wesson serial numbers within the defensive carry guns if anyone in here just happen to have the catalog for s&w.
  • Find h r gun parts on sale here with the largest choice of h r gun parts anywhere online h r 732 32 s w revolver 2 12 barrel blued 44-23 $3130.

To anyone versed in firearms history, it will come as no surprise when i proclaim the most popular centerfire revolver of the 20th century was the smith & wesson 38 hand ejector military . Handguns: revolvers the traditional equalizers identity and date of manufacture of s&w revolvers brian williams, jun 21, took the s&w model 60 (circa 1976). Dating a s&w revolver, manufacture date of s&w revolver, manufacture dates for s&w revolvers, s w date of manufacture, s&w manufacture dates, s&w manufacturing dates. This chapter contains minutely detailed descriptions of almost every 32 caliber hand gun manufactured by the smith & wesson company until the 1940's.

Dating sw revolvers
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